Pro Farma AG mission statement


With its innovative products, Pro Farma is a pioneer in selected therapeutic areas and a leading partner in providing unique healthcare services designed to increase the well-being and satisfaction of all.


By developing and distributing innovative forms of pharmaceutical administration in our chosen therapeutic areas, we aim to improve treatment options and help to enhance quality of life.

With our unique services in the healthcare sector, we offer our customers and partners real added value.



Fairness and respect
  • At Pro Farma, employee and customer satisfaction are our top priority.
  • We are committed to treating our employees, customers and partners with fairness and respect and furthering the progress of society.
  • Pro Farma supports the professional and personal development of its employees, regardless of their gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation and political and religious views.


Service und quality
  • Pro Farma is distinguished by its outstanding focus on service and quality.
  • We only offer services and products which meet our customers’ and partners’ most stringent quality requirements.


Flexibility and advancement
  • Our streamlined organisation gives us the ability to adapt, enabling us to respond quickly and flexibly to external conditions.
  • Pro Farma openly embraces the very latest developments.


Added value

All our activities are geared towards generating lasting added value for our employees, customers, partners and owners, as well as for society and the environment.